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We help to buy; getting people to step on or up the property ladder through co-buying.

Step-Ladder provides a platform for members to find a partner and buy property together. Members search, match and communicate with others with similar property investment objectives, via the Step-Ladder network. It’s like a dating website for those interested in property ownership – whether to live in, purely as investment, or a hybrid option – a “shared ownership” model. It is entirely up to the member.

The site leverages existing social networks to create trust amongst members and allows them to club together to buy outright or increase their buying power.

As we all know, the housing crisis, Generation Rent and the struggles of first time buyers are nation-wide issues of growing concern and were key election issues that continue to be hotly debated. But even with government schemes, home ownership is still unattainable for many.

Step-Ladder can’t solve the long-term issues of supply and affordability, but we can provide an option to get members on the ladder NOW. We open up property investment opportunities to thousands of people who currently cannot get on the ladder on their own. Together members can make their property ownership dreams a reality.

We’ve only just launched our beta site, and so we really welcome your feedback. We don’t mind if it’s good, bad or ugly – we want to start a conversation on co-buying property and shared ownership.

And finally, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy but can’t afford what they want, please check out Feel free to chat to us and send us your questions.

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