Curious over the fuss surrounding the new Avengers movie, and wondering why my friend is so enamoured with Iron Man, I hit up wikipedia and was thrilled to discover that Step-Ladder members are, by definition, Superheroes.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be a Superhero, I suggest you take note of the below, then search our site for compatible Step-Ladder Superheroes.

List of Superhero Traits (with Step-Ladder amendments in green)

1. Extraordinary powers or abilities, via exceptional skills &/or advanced equipment & technology. Superhero powers vary widely with some having special weapons or technology. e.g. Iron Man’s powered armour suits, Thor’s weather-manipulating hammer and Step-Ladder members’ access to special technology (#proptech), aiming to disrupt the real estate sector.

2. A strong moral code Often demonstrated via the website’s verification function allowing members to build trust within the Step-Ladder network.

3. A motivation e.g. Spiderman: sense of responsibility, Wonder Woman: a formal calling, Step-Ladder members: a desire to get on or up the property ladder and a sense of justice that this option shouldn’t just be limited to a privileged few. 

4. A secret identity that protects the superhero’s correspondence and details. Step-Ladder members log in to a secure site for all communications until they are comfortable and ready to exchange offline details.

5. A distinctive costume in the shape of an uploaded profile picture that makes members instantly recognisable to others. Costumes are often colourful to enhance the character’s visual appeal as openness encourages trust.

6. An underlying motif or theme affecting aspects of the hero’s character e.g. Batman operates at night, has a bat-themed costume, gadgetry and equipment; Step-Ladder has a relevant logo and brand and members all have a desire to step on or up the property ladder.

7. A supporting cast of recurring characters, in the shape of the Step-Ladder Team. On hand to answer questions, reply to tweets, write entertaining blogs and promote the site to encourage more members for Superheroes to match with.

8. A headquarters or base of operations, usually kept hidden from the general public (e.g. Batman’s Batcave or’s website that has a secure login to communicate with other members).

9. A backstory explaining the circumstances by which the character acquired their abilities and motivation for becoming a superhero. Many origin stories involve tragic elements and/or freak accidents that result in the development of the hero’s abilities. e.g. Step-Ladder was founded by an ex-banker (tragic element) who joined the circus (thankfully no freak accidents) and wanted to get on the property ladder but couldn’t do so on her own.

10. Working as a team. There are many superhero teams. Some, such as Fantastic Four, X-Men and Step-Ladder members have common origins and usually operate as a team or group. Others, such as the Avengers, and again, Step-Ladder members are “all-star” groups consisting of heroes with separate origins who will team up to confront larger threats such as taking on the property market.

Public perception of superheroes varies greatly. Some, like Superman and the Fantastic Four, are adored and seen as important civic leaders or even celebrities. Others, like Batman and Spiderman, are met with public skepticism. Whilst some members of the public are skeptical of cobuying property and shared ownership, many see the increasing popularity of, and trust built within, the sharing economy as an exciting opportunity to get people on or up the ladder – often in cases where they might not otherwise be able.

Take on the sharing economy. Consider co-buying property and shared ownership. Become a Superhero Step-Ladder member.
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